Seen and heard…

The National Conversation is about tackling the growing gulf between people and politicians, and countering cynicism about mainstream politics.

We are casting the net as wide as we can to find fresh ideas, and we’ll share them on the blog.  Here are the some of the things that got us thinking this week.

  • “Can we all get along?” Jonathan Haidt’s The Righteous Mind begins with an appeal from Rodney King, the man nearly beaten to death by four LA police officers in 1991, a notorious event that would trigger the riots of the following year. Haidt draws on insights from moral psychology to help conservatives and progressives find common ground.  David Goodheart’s review in Prospect Magazine gives a compelling overview.
  • Was 2011 a new dawn for people-driven politics – or business as usual?  Paul Mason, economics editor for BBC Newsnight, gives a passionate account of how networked technology is empowering people and challenging everything we thought we knew about politics in Why It’s Kicking Off Everywhere.  See Andy Beckett’s review in The Guardian.

Let us know if anything catches your eye, via the comments or The National Conversation web site.