Moot points

“Powerful Conversations between people who don’t have power”

The National Conversation is about finding new ways to get people talking about politics.  Whether that means bringing people together in a room – or using social media to get people together online.

A key tool we are using  is Google Hangouts.   Basically, it’s a kind of ‘social’ video conference that’s really good for holding online conversations.  We call these conversations “moots”.

Moots give us a lot of flexibility.  People can take part as full ‘see-hear-speak’ participants.  Or watch and comment / ask questions live.  Or catch up on a moot after it’s happened on the National Conversation YouTube channel.

We’re delighted to be working with Mick Fealty on the National Conversation moots.  Many of you know Mick from his work on Slugger O’Toole.  Since founding and running Slugger, Mick has become a leading thinker and do-er on all kinds of new social platforms.

Check out Mick’s Big Society Network article on the Digital Lunch format he is pioneering to learn more about the potential of Hangouts to make conversations happen.

Moots kick off in week-commencing 15 October.  We’ll post full details here and on the National Conversation web site.

UPDATE: the first National Conversation Moot will be on Tuesday 16 October at 7.00pm.  Details of how to join – or just watch – coming soon.


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