Why we’re here

Prime Minister David Cameron, in his foreword to the Ministerial Code of Conduct, pretty much sums up what the National Conversation is about: “People have lost faith in politics and politicians.  It is our duty to restore their trust.”

We believe the duty to re-connect people with politics shouldn’t end with government ministers or MPs.  By engaging people in a real conversation  – and learning more about how we, as citizens, can shape the Westminster agenda – the National Conversation can help restore trust and strengthen our institutions.


One thought on “Why we’re here

  1. The disengagement has occurred principally as a result of the increasingly insular and self serving actions of our politicians. They need to recognise the depth of the problem and that it is at their door and therefore also engage in meaningful debate and action if we are to solve this increasing gulf. There appears no be no sign of this happening with the present Westminster incumbents, quite the contrary. Playing into this problem, is of course the increasing bleeding away of democracy and power to the EU, which is the catalyst for an ever greater amount of rules & regulations which directly affect the every day lives of the electorate and which, no matter how engaged, politicians can do nothing about.

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