On the up?

Today former Labour MP Alan Milburn publishes his report on social mobility.

In the years ahead, Milburn sees white collar jobs accounting for 83% of the jobs created in the UK economy, and calls for government and the professions to ensure opportunities are open to everyone.

Beveridge set his sights on tackling the Great Evil of Ignorance.  His education reforms seen to have promoted social mobility, enabling people to move from manual and semi-skilled backgrounds into the professional classes.  The years following the post-war education reforms led to – what Milburn calls the “golden age” of social mobility.

To restore social mobility to the levels of the 1950s and ’60s, do we need new legislation, as Milburn suggests today?  Or do we need to do something about our schools and universities?

Beveridge’s Five Great Evils were a kind of urgent “to do” list for post-war Britain.  Seventy years after the publication of the original Beveridge Report, do we need to add social mobility to our society’s “to do” list?


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