Can Cruddas connect policy with people?

The pundits – from left (The Guardian) to right (Spectator Coffee House) – broadly welcome the appointment of the independently-minded Jon Cruddas to head up Labour’s policy review.

At the National Conversation we’re in favour of anyone who wants to inject new ideas into UK politics.  From time to time, we will highlight some of those ideas here, like Iain Duncan Smith’s plans to reform welfare.

But – to really connect with people and their concerns – the parties need to  open up a free and frank dialogue with the public beyond internal reviews.

The parties may not always like what they hear – but we believe engaging with people outside the Westminster Bubble will bring big rewards. The National Conversation is here to help them.


2 thoughts on “Can Cruddas connect policy with people?

  1. According to the Guardian, “For him, a Europe referendum is about wanting to invite the public into elite conversations” – inviting public opinion into elite conversations is a good idea. Not sure the time is ever going to be right for a Europe referendum though!

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